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Rousse – the fifth largest city in Bulgaria, also known as “Little Vienna” – offers opportunities for both young and older people looking for a new start in their lives. The city has a prestigious university, located in a strategic location – on the Danube River and on the border with Romania, and boasts a

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If you live in Plovdiv or in the surrounding area, you will find it helpful to find out what are the requirements for drawing fast loans that creditors in the area have. Before you download a loan, you need to be aware of what the lender you choose, under what conditions you can withdraw money

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Important to small loan Limited loan amount As the name suggests, small loans are small loans. Loan amounts of a maximum of 10,000 euros are still considered small loans. Often, collateral is not a must As the loan amounts are lower, collateral is not always a mandatory requirement. However, additional collateral often favors interest rates