What happens if I do not pay back the loan?

One of the dangers associated with the conclusion of a payday loan agreement is the inability to predict the future – although we currently have the means to pay installments, it may turn out that due to various events, we will no longer be able to pay liabilities. What happens if we do not pay back the payday loan on time?

In general, it is best to not allow a payday loan to become unpaid. Of course, sometimes it is difficult to predict different situations – job loss, illness of a loved one, accident, personal problems are just some of them. We can mainly expose ourselves to significant additional costs as well as problems with taking further payday loans and credits in the future.

Lack of debt repayment on time may have many consequences, which we may feel even when we finally settle the liability. Below we present the most important ones.

The main consequences of not paying the payday loan:

• calculation of contractual penalties and interest

• transfer of debt to debt collection

• entering debtors’ databases

• difficulties in taking further payday loans and credits

• transferring the case to court and bailiff enforcement

Below we describe more precisely the above consequences – it is also worth pointing out that they do not always involve any debt, so the sooner we pay off our liability, the less negative consequences it affects us.

Contractual penalties and interest on the lender

When we are late with a commitment even one day, it happens that the lender may start to charge contractual penalties and additional interest for each day of delay. Usually, interest rates are not very high, however, it happens that an installment payday loan can significantly increase its cost precisely by contractual penalties.

Debt collection and bailiff’s activities

Most often, non-banking companies and banks transfer debts to debt collection to companies with experience in this field. The task of the debt collector is to persuade the debtor to settle the obligation.

If the debt collection fails, the case may be referred to court. When the lender wins, then the bailiff can begin to enforce the bailiff. A bailiff’s attachment may concern part of the payment, real estate or movable property, for example a car or RTV equipment.

Entry in the debtors’ database

Lack of debt repayment means also a negative credit history in databases. Most often, the entry to the “black list” occurs when the date of debt is exceeded by a minimum of 31 days.

Entering the debtors’ database means worsening of scoring, ie points determining creditworthiness . Then we will have difficulties in obtaining further credits and payday loans , because the institutions checking us in the database will receive information that we are a late client and we have or have debts. Information in the databases is visible for several years!

Easy Online Loans: With Minimum Documentation

Easy Credits

Already in Bulgaria there are many fast and easy online loans with minimal documentation and with urgent and easy approval in minutes.

Easy credit is the one that is granted for a few minutes today and in most cases is not a guarantor, only with an ID card and no other documents.

On this page we have selected some of the most famous fast-paced loan companies that offer both urgent loan payments and larger loans in monthly installments when there is an urgent need for money.


Vivus is a company that offers some of the easiest online loans. In addition, every first loan is free of interest and no cost. You are returning the same amount.

The application process is very convenient and fast – all online. You get an answer if you are approved for up to 15 minutes .

All loans from Vivus are free of guarantee and with a minimum of documents. Besides, the company also works on Saturdays and Sundays for those who have an unmet need for quick money on a loan.



Creditisimo is the other leader in the fast and easy online credit market in Bulgaria. There’s no way you have not heard this company. She first introduced the service – credit to pay without interest. Creditisimo offers 2 products:

  • Loan up to $ 600 without interest if you return it to a specific grace period – up to 30 days. Moreover, every 5th credit to pay is also interest-free.
  • Loan in installments up to BGN 2500 , with repayment of equal monthly installments and up to 12 months.

Creditismo’s answer whether you are approved or not is too quick – just 7 minutes .



In recent years, Fermatoum has become a well-known company with its 24-hour credit. Not only Saturday and Sunday, but also 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they offer fast credit with easy approval.

They also offer larger amounts: up to 3500 leva . The approval is one of the fastest for our country – up to 5 minutes , and the money can only get up to 10 minutes today.

The application is convenient and accessible, and you can apply for any device that has Internet access – mobile phone, PC, laptop, tablet, etc.


Micro Credit

Another company that offers fast and urgent loans for larger amounts – up to BGN 3300. In fact, Micro Credit has several interesting and innovative credit offers:

  • CrediNet – easy online credit up to $ 3,000 without attending an office. Every first loan is free of interest. Approval only with ID and no guarantor.
  • CrediHome – Fast credit without proof of income and with minimal documentation. Maximum amount up to 3000 leva, no guarantor and only against ID card.
  • CrediGo – credit from 600 to 3300 leva for people with proven income. You also have a 30-day grace period. Fixed interest, repayment equal monthly installments, no guarantor and no collateral.

You get the money in cash or in your bank account – as best you can.

Net Credit

Net Credit offer money in no time. Quick, easy and convenient and with minimal documentation. You also have the opportunity to receive the money today . The company has 2 types of products:

  • Loan up to $ 500 – fast credit to pay without a guarantor and no interest on every first loan.
  • Contributed credit – up to BGN 1500 and a repayment term of up to 12 months.

The application process is very handy – all online. And the approval and release of the money is for a few minutes, entirely online.

Fast and easy loans in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Burgas and all other settlements in Bulgaria.

Cash Loan

Cash Loans also have interesting offers for quick loans with urgent and easy approval – just 6 minutes . They are one of the most popular micro-lending companies in Bulgaria with a simplified procedure and a minimum of documents.

Besides 100% online credits, they also offer loans in Lafka. The maximum loan amount is up to 2000 leva . You get quick money on a loan only against an ID card .

Cash Loan also offers refinancing of fast loans.

Cash Loan also offers refinancing of fast loans.

Stick Credit

Compared to other companies, Stick Credit is recently on the market. They offer fast and easy credits with extremely fast online application through their site. The application form is short and simple.

Besides online you can also apply by phone. The answer whether you are approved or not within minutes. They offer 2 types of products:

  • Credit up to 400 BGN – Everyone has no interest.
  • Credit up to 1500 leva . – repayment of monthly installments.

The company also works on Saturday until 5 o’clock.

Smile Credit


Smalli Credit have long been on the market and offer very easy online credits in minutes and only with 4 clicks. Their credits are unsecured and expressly approved – up to 20 minutes . Smile Credit have 2 types of products:

  • Loan up to 500 BGN without a guarantor.
  • Credit from 600 to 1500 BGN without guarantor.

The whole procedure is entirely online without wasting time, for urgent needs and financial difficulties. They also offer the possibility of refinancing fast loans.


Fast Loans | Credit Loan

Rousse – the fifth largest city in Bulgaria, also known as “Little Vienna” – offers opportunities for both young and older people looking for a new start in their lives. The city has a prestigious university, located in a strategic location – on the Danube River and on the border with Romania, and boasts a special beauty with which it has won the nickname. There is no dispute that Rousse attracts people, but nobody and nowhere is financially insured. After a brief look, we understand that the lowest house prices vary between 200 and 300 leva (at the expense of quality, of course). And the average salary in Ruse is not different from the average for other regions of the country. Accordingly, a young person there is very likely at least once to experience the need for additional and quick income. The benefit in these cases may be the drawing of quick credits in Rousse against an ID card.

Fast loans in Rousse


The ways to get that extra and quick income are counted on your fingers. When we exclude family, friends and banks, we can get up to two. Let’s look at the first – fast loan companies in Rousse. There are many companies in the city that offer the service and most of them operate across the country. It’s not hard to find their placement, just because the choice is really great. You have certainly heard about most of them on TV and radio, but there are some that will be new to you. What is slightly disturbing is the bad reviews we can see when searching for the Google service. Suppose you ignore them and choose one of the most famous and probably trustworthy companies.

Credit only with ID card


The maximum amounts for a first loan from such a company vary, but suppose you need a relatively small amount. Most proposals will be up to 400-500 leva, of course, the variations will be small. And, as you can see from the title of the paragraph, you can apply for fast credit in Rousse for an ID card without needing any other paperwork. This is a much more convenient solution than the endless additions to bank loan documents. Here you present an ID card and nothing more. Other documents are not needed at all, everything is done without documents! The only document you need is the one you already carry with you.

The answer also comes relatively quickly and varies from 5 minutes to an hour. You can easily find information about each company’s conditions by opening your browser and searching for Google companies . You’ll find everything you need – from the credit ceiling, response time, and specific requirements.

Interest and charges

Interest and charges


Do not miss the interest rate when making the contract because it may be too big for you. The other important point to consider is credit fees. In addition to interest rates, be aware of the extra fees you will pay to get a loan, if any, of course. But on average – if you take a 300 BGN quick credit, you will refund about 390 leva to the creditor.

Be careful not to overdue your payment, because then you may be charged with punitive interest rates that will cause your concerns, although many companies have certain grace periods. But the fact remains – if you overpay the credit, you probably will not go away without any detriment.

Very well read about the conditions of each of the fast loan companies in Rousse for identity card and in general for Bulgaria. Look for reviews and opinions. Look at how well the company is geared to meeting the needs of its customers.

Online fast credit in Rousse for ID card


As we said at the beginning, there are more opportunities for fast financing and your urgent financial needs . This is the withdrawal of online fast loans in Rousse. In short, you do not need more than an identity card – or rather the basic data from her. All application is online, which resolves the inconvenience of going to the office and waiting in queues, if any. You will fill in several data fields and select the amount and time to return. Upon approval, your money will arrive after 15 minutes, no more. And you will not even get out of the couch at home . You do not even need to be in Rousse at this moment.

No interest and fees

No interest and fees


The main worrying moments are always about interest rates and possible hidden charges. Frequently, however, fast-paced companies have no interest and fees at all. Yes, you have rightly understood. Let’s say you download 300 leva for the Rousse rent of the apartment, which has been bothering you for a few days. Or, the electricity bill after December was bigger than you expected. Click to $ 350 on the site, and if you’re approved, in 30 days you’ll need to refund exactly $ 300. Let me specify, however, that this condition usually applies only to the first loan of the respective company. That is, if you withdraw again from the same company, the loan will now come with a certain interest rate. But it is possible that the amount of the loan will also increase as you will already have the confidence of this firm for fast loans in Rousse.

Fast Loans in Ruse in Bad Credit Story?

Fast Loans in Ruse in Bad Credit Story?


If you are wondering if you can borrow fast loans in Ruse, if you have a bad CCR – it can not be said for sure. Some companies lend in such situations, but many would not do so. You can certainly apply and receive a response to your request. You do not have to explain the reasons for the withdrawal, the rent you pay, how much time you work, what salary you get, and so on. You need to provide the basic information about yourself in the application form and then wait for the answer.

Receiving fast credit in Rousse against Little Eva ID card

Receiving fast credit in Rousse against Little Eva ID card

Rousse can pose many financial challenges. Fortunately, even in heavier situations, we have the opportunity to take advantage of fast credit without filling in a lot of documents.

The companies that offer such a service are many, and we, from Little Eva, also provide this opportunity to our clients. The procedure for drawing fast loans in Rousse by Little Eva is entirely online. So even if you are not in Ruse, you can also take advantage of money borrowed from us. You need only your personal card details and a few minutes to complete your application. The first loan is with 0% interest and 0 levs. It can be for an amount of 50 to 400 leva, and the term could be 5 to 30 days. This means that if you apply for a first loan of 400 BGN for 30 days, then within 30 days you need to refund exactly 400 BGN. You submit your request to our site and within 15 minutes you get a response from us. If you are approved, after another 15 minutes you can spend your money for what you needed.